Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP: Sir Bill Morris is a true British legend. Not only a role model for the black community in our country but in fact for us all. And he’s shown throughout his career in public life true values towards pluralistic politics in this country over many difficult years, not least recent years. And I’d like to add my own personal support from myself and my colleagues across the country for his quite outstanding qualities and characteristics of leadership. He truly deserves the EMMA Lifetime Achievement Award, indeed I would as far as to describe that goes far to describe him as a small ‘l’ liberal although I’ve yet to persuade him into capital ‘l’ Lib Dem party politics, but I’m working on it.  Now before I invite Sir Bill onto the platform here to accept this Award, we thought he would in particular like this special tribute from an old friend of his (Prime Minister Gordon Brown).

Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP“This EMMA Lifetime Achievement Award is an institution in itself. The Achievement Award has been won by my hero Nelson Mandela, by Muhammad Ali, by Maya Angelou, by Ray Charles, by Stevie Wonder, by Lord Attenborough, it’s an Award now so prestigious and so valued that all of these great men and women have travelled here to receive their presentation in person and to speak to us. And there’s one British citizen who deserves this award for a lifetime service, for his courageous pursuit of principle, for his dedication to the cause of working people, not just in this continent but in every continent in which workers rights have to be fought for…and that’s my friend Bill Morris. Tonight it’s right Bill, that the whole of Britain honours you, honours you for your public service, for your achievements often against the odds, for the huge difference you’ve made in making a better Britain”.

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