She may be bigger than David Beckham in the USA, but Britain’s best-loved Asian actress had never been to her mother’s country of origin. Neil Spencer joined Parminder Nagra on set in Calcutta for the shooting of Second Generation.

It takes a lot to stop the traffic in Calcutta, but late last year, the sight of a film crew on the street does the job effortlessly.

 “Their first album ‘Urban Underground’ oozed Desi Urban cool and yet at the same time had a huge dance floor impact…”

Award winning Shaanti, the Brit-Asian institute where nu-music and innovative dance beats are thrown against urban Britain - simultaneously with the sounds from the Brit-Asian streets.

 Lobbying world leaders for urgent political change in Africa and across the world, making a stand for fathers’ rights, surviving dotcom millionaire and still making music…. life has always been “extreme” for Bob Geldof.

 Unless you have been living on another planet for the past year, chances are that the Black Eyed Peas have been in your face one way or another. Not only did they enjoy the success of the longest stint at the number one in the UK since 1998 for their track Where Is The Love?

Bruce Lee

 Bruce “Jun Fan” Lee was born in the hour of the Dragon and the year of the Dragon in San Francisco’s Chinatown on November 27, 1940 while his father was on tour with the Chinese Opera. Raised in Hong Kong, he appeared in more than 20 films before the age of 18. At 13, Lee began studying the Chinese Gung Fu system of Wing Chun under renowned grandmaster, Yip Man.

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