Baroness Sayeed WasiBaroness Sayeed Wasi the most powerful Islam woman in Britain and conservative shadow cabinet minister was attacked and pelted with eggs.

On Monday Wasi was campaigning in Luton when a group of men who were very angry and aggressive accused Wasi not being a true Muslim and misrepresenting the religion.

The men were in uproar because they do not support Wasi’s views on terrorism. They pelted the conservative with eggs and she was even show on the BBC with shells from eggs in her hair and on her jacket.

Wasi said that she was tempted to move away initially but after she though about is she decided to hear the men’s views and asked them to have a debate about it.

Her spokesman said she was trying to reason with the men but they just continued shouting.

The high tensions and levels of aggression are all because these men believe that Wasis should be firmer on her policy and speak out against the Iraq war and Muslim soldiers.

They said ‘look at her she is clearly not a Muslim…’
Protester Sayful Islam said: “We don't know who threw the eggs. We tried to engage her in a conversation, but she did not have the answers”.
“We wanted to know why, as a Muslim, she supported soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Her views are an affront to Islam”
These men were judging the baroness and inflicting on her the kind of first hand judgement that they themselves are fighting against.

Wasi counteracted their views she later told the BBC they were "idiots" who did "not represent the majority of British Muslims…

This lead to them becoming extremely angry, one of the men was present during the protest … earlier this year that got out of hand.

Not only this but both men have campaigned for Sharia Law to be upheld in Britain.

Wasi has spoken out for the Islamic community; she has made numerous statements’ and policies that prove that she has her heart in the right place.

Yet these men to do feel that it is enough or that she stand up for or even represents Islam enough.

This sheds light on the idea of what is considered a good Muslim and whose place that us to judge what is right or wrong.
Baroness Warsi, shown in television footage with egg in her hair and on her jacket, later described the men as "a bunch of idiots who do not represent the wider Muslim community."
"I stood up to them and challenged them to a proper debate, but they weren't prepared to listen," she said.
One of the protesters told the BBC that he and his group were "against everything she stands for".
"She is not a practising Muslim. Clearly by looking at her she does not represent Muslims," he said.
It seems that whether or not her policy and actions are for the overall good these men have chosen to condemn Wasi simply because they feel from her appearance she is nota practicing Muslim.

Baroness Wasi is one of the most influential women in Britain and the most influential Islamic woman in government.

She has spoken out against her attackers saying that they are the very people who are making Islam appear to be something that it isn’t

Wasi told the BBC: Baroness Warsi said: "They started shouting and screaming. Our initial reaction was to move away but then I said to them, 'Let's have a debate.'

"But they couldn't articulate what they wanted to say, they just wanted to be aggressive. I told them there was nothing in their conduct that was in accordance with the faith of Islam and that obviously touched a raw nerve with them."

The fact that one of her attackers belongs to an extremist group indicates that he was going to want extreme results and policy.

Baroness Wasi seems to have seen the humorous side and made banter about how the men could not articulate themselves and said ‘they are as representative of Islam as the BNP are of Christians’
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