Swimming Pools off limits during RamadanThe Stoke-on-Trent city council has advised schools to avoid swimming lessons for Muslim students during Ramadan, reported the BBC.

A guide published by the council to assist students when Ramadan begins around August 11 reads: "Schools with a significant number of Muslim pupils should try to avoid scheduling swimming lessons during Ramadan to remove unnecessary barriers to full participation."

According to the source, the risk of swallowing water and breaking one’s fast is what sparked the recommendation.

In addition, the council has proposed certain other measures to increase sensitivity towards pupils during the time of their fast, reported the Telegraph. These include not scheduling exams, holding parents’ meetings or social events after school, cancelling sex education lessons and avoiding over-exerting students during PE classes.

According to the source, these recommendations faced severe criticism from the Campaign Against Political Correctness. “Instead of meddling in this politically correct way the local authority should trust the judgement of ppils, parents and teachers”, campaign co-founder John Midgely was quoted by the source saying, “The schools have to be even-handed in how they treat everybody and not single out certain sections of the community in how they treat them”.

Director of the Islamic Centre in Stoke-on-Trent, Rana Tufail, said in an interview with the source: “Schools are usually accommodating during Ramadan, but help for pupils to continue fasting in school is a very good thing”.

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