Assyrians The Assyrians are a church of indigenous Aramaic speaking Christians. They date back over 6750 years to one of the earliest civilisations from the Middle-East.

There are several fractions of the Assyrians including the Assyrian Church of the East, Assyrian Pentecostal Church, Assyrian Church of the East’s Holy Synod and the Assyrians Evangelical Church.

The Assyrian had faith in the teachings of Nestorius; his life is celebrated in the feast of the Greek teachers.

Marco Polo came across Assyrian Christian missionaries in China, consequently the entire Assyrian nation converted to Christianity in 33AD.

The Assyrian Christians of Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria were persecuted for their beliefs and forced to convert to Islam due to imposed taxes from the Islamic conquerors. The Assyrians are zealous missionaries, with footholds in Iraq. Many have gone to offer support and aid.

There is an 8,000 strong Assyrian Christian community living in the UK with many in London.







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