Tories Hope Voters Give their Education Policy the Gove-AheadA series of emails between a journalist and shadow schools secretary Michael Gove has put the Conservatives education policy under close scrutiny and bared all for the public to see, and judge.
In an article published in the Independent a sparring session of probing emails between the Tories education spokesman and journalist Richard Garner has tested the true density of the Conservatives education policies.
Education is always a forerunner of any political campaign and for the best part of this year the Conservatives have concentrated on grinding out a policy which was unique, broad reaching and individual. Most importantly it separated their proposed government from the present government, under intense fire over rising numbers in classrooms, difficulty in families securing placements and contested segregation within some schools.
Michael Gove and his opposite Ed Balls have battled over policies in the past like energetic prize fighters, now having reached the final two weeks before their roles very potentially reverse, the pair still hurl contesting words at one another like last round sluggers.
The Tories have persistently pushed their pledge to “close the attainment gap between the richest and poorest” and secure a rounded excellence in British education which may see industry professionals lured into classrooms as leaders and more localised controls of schooling structures.
Labour have countered these manoeuvres with a plainer styled vision stating that “every parent wants their child to attend an excellent school – with the best possible teaching and facilities” and establishing a commitment to this belief.
However grand the parties’ opposing visions may be however, Rome was not built in one day, nor is a refreshed British education system. So where will the Tories (hypothetically) begin?
Garner put such a question to Gove who replied: “Well the first thing I'd do is call it the Department for Education. This isn't a cosmetic point. Its core purpose should be teaching and learning, yet in recent years it has spent more time worrying about box-ticking on peripheral issues.”
The Conservatives have dedicated much of their time arguing that Labour have confused and convoluted many existent systems in the British public service, policing has been one and education has been the significant other.
“We'd immediately ask Ofsted to overhaul their inspection framework so that it concentrates on the quality of teaching in the classroom rather than tick-box compliance.” Gove stated in making this point adding, “we believe that power in the education system should lie with teachers and parents, not bureaucrats.”
Gove went on to explain that the Tories would initiate a significant overhaul of the curriculum and focus upon eradicating illiteracy. He also suggested that a David Cameron-led government would provide 20,000 new school placings each year and revenue for up to 100 new schools.
His hopes are bold, certainly in a time when the Conservatives have repeatedly attacked Labour and more recently a dynamically surging Liberal Democrats on their desires to spend big chunks of money to recharge growth in the British economy.
However, something needs to be strong. And when immigration is so layered with human delicacy and crime so laced with unpredictability and figures, education is a topic upon which one can base a solid foundation of confidence and gating appeal. It is something that directly affects everyone and it is an issue where the only agreed way to go is forward.
This seems to be the confident thrust which has propelled one of the Consevatives most stable and key soldiers. “I find it extraordinary that some people don't seem to think we need radical reform – given we're plummeting down the international education league tables and the gap between rich and poor widens every year.” He said, adding the only threat to change is nonchalance. “The biggest threat to all these changes are vested interests in the bureaucracy who are happy with the status quo.”

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