Teachers Given the Power to Discipline Disruptive StudentsTeachers will be given tougher powers to control and discipline their students as part of a government crackdown on disorderly classrooms in the UK, reported the UK Press Association.

According to the source, teachers will be granted permission to use physical force to control disruptive students, particularly to break up violent incidents. The source added that teachers accused of misconduct would be provided anonymity to avoid “malicious” claims from disrupting their careers.

The Blackpool Gazette reported that teachers will have to operate within a strict set of guidelines when using physical force against their students. Under the guidelines, teachers are permitted to use “reasonable force to prevent a pupil committing a criminal offence, causing harm, personal injury, damage to property or prejudicing the maintenance of good order and discipline.”

“The main message is physical restraints are only ever used in our schools when all other avenues for diffusing the situation have been exhausted”, the source quoted Kathryn Boulton, head of learning for child, adult and family services at Blackpool Council, saying, “On the rare occasions physical restraint has to be used, we look at ways teachers can use their body positions to minimize risk and protect both themselves and other children.”

In addition, staff will be allowed to search students for mobile phones, Mp3 players, cameras, pornography, fireworks, cigarettes, and “legal highs”, alcohol, drugs and stolen property, revealed AFP. “There are rare occasions when young people may be carrying and concealing dangerous materials”, the UK Press Association quoted National Union of Teachers general secretary, Christine Blower, saying, “In those situations, teachers have to make a judgment call. In doing so, they should not be subject to the potential for accusations that they are acting illegally because they items that they are searching for fall outside the range permitted by law.”

“(Head teachers) are too often constrained by regulations which inhibit them from maintaining control of the classroom”, AFP quoted schools Minister Nick Gibb saying, “Today we are removing red tape so that teachers can ensure discipline in the classroom and promote good behaviour.”

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