BlingersBlingers prefer to consume rather than create and are highly influenced by celebrities. Blingers are ambitious in terms of career and while entertainment and media would be a number one choice, in reality they work in all kinds of jobs.

Musical rappers like Jay-Z and Ludacris are their inspiration. Blingers are very US-led. Clothes are all about accessible excess - Nike, a mix of sportswear and designer wear.

They essential for any blinger is lots of jewellery, and US hip hop clothing offshoots, especially anything by Jay-Z or 50 Cent.

The individual revels in the excess of spending and enjoys the advantages of an ‘over the top’ lifestyle. Blingers are extremely materialistic and love to show off their flashy jewellery at parties, wearing as much jewellery as they want. Some even gold plating their teeth.

A blinger will have rings on every finger and will wear more than one long gold, fake diamond encrusted necklace.  

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