Boy RacersUsually a male in his late teens or early twenties, who drives his car in an intimidating or dangerous way, for fun. He will claim to know everything about cars and will be able to perform doughnuts, handbrake turns and burn-outs.  

Limited funds, high insurance rates that come with young age and inexperience at driving are reasons why a person might prefer to buy a base level, 1-litre Peugeot 106 and equip it with a body kit and sports exhaust rather than simply buying a harder to find and much more expensive to insure 106 Gti.
Boy racers tend to be dictated by trends from popular racer media such as Max Power and Fast Car, and spending lots of money to keep up with the trends.

Typical upgrades for a boy racer include large stereos (which often take up the whole boot and can be heard playing dance music from down the road), extravagant paint jobs, over-sized exhaust pipes, large spoilers, and neon lights underneath the chassis.

Boy racers have a reputation for flouting motoring laws, such as running their fog-lights during the day, speeding, weaving through traffic, cornering too hard and so on.

Challenging superior sports cars to a race is another common dangerous pastime, it is an inescapable hazard for the UK sports car driver to be challenged at the lights by someone in a small hatchback.
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