GrungersThis is a Tribe whose ideology centres on Kurt Cobain. It is a label given by others to those who dislike conforming to major brand names or trends, have any of their own opinions, listen to music they want to listen to rather than what everyone tells them to.

Grungers will usually be seen in battered jeans, baggy jumpers, and sleeves pulled down with holes through which thumbs are poked. A grunger will wear clothes that are comfortable and do not pay much attention to appearance. Hair is usually bleached blonde and shoulder length, messy.

Music preferences still include old favourites such as Nirvana, Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jnr and Foo Fighters. Many other genres are also generally considered 'Grunger music.' These include: Punk rock, Emo, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, and possibly Goth.

It is impossible to generalise, but Grungers are notably from middle-class backgrounds, and are not into fighting and stealing.

Grungers are in many ways similar to skaters. 'Grungers' is sometimes used as an umbrella term for all those loosely involved in grunger-like culture, whether they skate or not. However, real Grungers are distinct from skaters - they have a 'heavier' style of music and clothes.
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