Indie ScenestersIndie scenesters are people who want to be ahead of the crowd and will know all the major players in the scene. Once everyone else joins in, tribe members will always move onto the next thing.

Scenesters do not mind bands achieving mainstream success but prefer them before the masses cotton on. Musically, they go for bands such as The Klaxons, Gravy Train, Pink Grease, The Knife and Spank Rock.

The look has remained unchanged for the last few years - skinny jeans, Converse, stripes, angular haircuts and Americana T-shirts. Secondhand clothes are worn, not vintage.

A scenster usually sports a long, messed up hair style that looks as if they have not bothered to fix it. Which is the look they are going for, they have spent hours perfecting it.

Indie girls stereotypically wear stovepipe jeans or twee dresses/skirts, vintage tees and oversized beaded sweaters. She will pay attention to her overall appearance, although would love you to think it is all effortless.

Generally Indies will have their own opinions on politics and so forth and refuse to mindlessly accept facts they are fed because they are popular.
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