Scene KidsScene kids can be associated with bohemians and other art-related movements. They will usually have a very old fashioned looking home and prefer to wear clothes they have made themselves. Stereotypically males will be wearing tight jeans, a chequered shirt and have a big fringe.

Tribe members will be extremely artistic and probably would love to be or already are studying history of art at University.  

Scene kids are also associated with listening to techno, punk rock, indie rock, and hip hop, and other forms of unconventional music.

Scene hair is usually black or bleached blonde and sometimes has random neon streaks such as pink or green in it, but this is not a must. It is usually very big and puffy at the top. The hair is the most important part of a scene kid.

Black eyeliner is a must for all scene kids, especially the girls. Old looking t-shirts are part of the look for males and females. Classic shoes such as Vans and Converse are usually worn and for girls ballet flats. 
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