SkatersSkaters are one of the few tribes to be defined by something other than music. A resurgence of an 80’s urban tribe, they are a younger hybrid of the grunger and the metaller. A skater is usually under 20, lives outside of central urban areas, and is passionate about bands no-one else has heard of, wear big baggy shorts, chains and have piercings.

Music tastes include British hip hop/breakbeat like Roots Manuva, Infinite Livez, and Plump DJs. Tribe members also listen to indie, grunge and punk, electro, trance and metal. Big on skateboarding brands like Spitfire Wheels and decks made by Heroin Skateboards.

Often seen skating in skate parks or on random half-pipes around the country, this group has really come into their own again over the last few years. Their baggy attire is actually put to some use, as the extra folds of material prevents them from being permanently disfigured by skating accidents.
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