TrendiesFor trendies, looking good is all that matters in life. Now almost anyone can be fashionable thanks to the speed with which trends fly off the catwalk and into high street stores.

It is all about vintage for trendies. One-off pieces are key combined with accessories from Topshop, New Look, Primark and H&M. Fashion heroes are Gwen Stefani and Kate Moss. Men are often seen in denim jeans, loose, hanging shirts and styled hair. Women can be seen also in denim jeans and anything with a designer logo.

Musically, trendies like whatever is fashionable and tend to like things in the period just prior to their first hit and the release of their second album.

Likes stretch from better known acts such as The Kooks, Franz Ferdinand to pre-breakthrough acts like The Gossip and Datarock. Trendies are often seen reading Glamour or Vogue magazine to find out the latest fashion trends. Also, they tend to be celebrity obsessed and buy OK! Magazine and Heat.

Trendies often choose to dislike emos, grungers, or anyone who does not follow the crowd. They will be out clubbing most nights and will only socialize with each other.
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