WiggersA slang term referring to white people emulating urban African Americans and urban black British and Caribbean culture. A wigger tries to imitate black American hip-hop, British grime and garage culture and style through bling fashion.

Members of this tribe will often be wearing a backwards cap, baggy tops - often basketball jerseys or the label Fubu, and lots of jewellery. Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Ali G can be strongly associated with making a mockery out of wiggers.

Trousers will normally be a few sizes too big and underwear will be sticking out of the waistband. Wiggers will always be wearing the newest and best type of trainers that are around.

The wigger will often have tattoos, usually bearing the name of a dead rapper or the slogan of a rap group. The terms ‘whack’ and ‘for shizzle’ are commonly used. Music artists Eminem and Vanilla Ice have in the past been accused of being part of this tribe.
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