Expensive Skincare Products are Overrated and OverpricedMany women are increasingly questioning whether expensive face creams are worth the money. The answer according to a report in The Telegraph is they do little more than hydrate the skin. A similar result is easily achieved using a much cheaper moisturiser would do effectively enough.

Experts say that using a moisturiser with sun cream would actually be much more beneficial while agreeing that expensive skincare products keep skin hydrated and looking younger. However, it would be more advisable and cheaper to use a good sunscreen if worried about ageing process.

Professor Chris Griffiths, a dermatologist at Manchester University, pointed out that: “The majority of anti-ageing skin products are actually aimed at the effects of sun exposure, not how our body naturally ages. If I had to pick one product it would be sunscreen”, he said.

Griffith also goes on to say: “Some of the most serious effects of growing older, such as deep wrinkles, would not happen until our 80s without sun damage.”

The Telegraph also reported that the market for anti-wrinkle creams has doubled in the past five years to over 100 million and could possibly double again in the next five years.

A few of the most expensive face creams available include Crème De La Mer Lifting Face Serum which sells at £910.21 for a 500ml bottle and La Praire Skin Caviar Luxe £391.48 for a 100ml bottle.

In December 2008, researchers told The Daily Mail that many anti-ageing creams and vitamin supplements are a waste of money. People instead should concentrate on eating healthy foods in moderation and taking regular exercise.

One of the researchers, Dr David Gems, of university college London, further added that skin creams containing sun cream are good at protecting the skin from ageing. Premium skincare companies usually advertise their creams saying they have ‘unique’ and ‘special’ ingredients such as platinum, deep-sea water, caviar and anti-oxidants.

Some of the claims made regarding ingredients used on a product may not be true; however, they are not obliged to have scientific data to substantiate any of it.

Dr Sapna Westley, a leading New York dermatologist told Newsweek: “The products sold by companies like La Mer don’t have any scientific data or studies in dermatology journals to back them up”

The effects people notice are achievable using cheaper everyday creams. As Dr Westley confirms: “What people notice in terms of improved appearance is really just hydration of the skin, but you can get the same results using olive oil on your face”

Expensive face creams do attain results probably no more than a basic everyday brand would. They are also no substitute for sunscreen or healthy living.
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