Woman Cancels Wedding when she discovers her Fiancé is a Porn StarThe Telegraph has reported that a 27 year old woman, Haylie Hocking, has cancelled her wedding after discovering that her fiancé, 30 year old Jason Brake, is a porn star.

Just a week before they were due to marry Haylie’s friend, Lisa, was organizing her hen night and while searching for a male stripper, stumbled on a movie clip in which the male actor resembled Jason - in a compromising situation with a woman. After seeing the clip, Haylie realised that the man was indeed her fiancé. Haylie called off the wedding, saying: “There was no way I could marry an adult film star.”

The pair met at the garage where Haylie worked when Jason became a customer there. She believed Jason to be a personal trainer and he moved in to her flat in Bristol after six months. Within eight months they were engaged and he bought her a diamond ring. Jason would buy her jewelry and flowers, and although he often spent weekends away, he told Haylie that he was training clients in the gym. On discovering his secret, that Jason had been making adult films within weeks of their big day, Haylie told a magazine that: “I don’t know if I will ever be able to trust a man again- especially one who is that good in bed.”

Jason claims that he started making porn films as a sideline before he met Haylie. He argues that he was “only acting” for the camera, although Haylie did not understand this. He also claimed that he would have stopped acting in porn films if Haylie had asked him to. He said that he would be honest with women in future relationships.

Haylie and Jason had planned to have a church wedding and country house reception but it has all been called off after Haylie rang her vicar to inform him that she could no longer marry Jason. Explaining her decision to a magazine, she elaborated that: “I was unable to see beyond the dirty movie that had shattered my heart.”


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