Kick It Out to host Asians in Football Forum in Manchester.The next meeting of the National Asians in Football Forum will take place in Manchester on Monday 11th May at 6pm.   
The forum, led by Kick It Out, football’s equality and inclusion campaign, will bring together a host of teams and individuals from across the UK.

The two hour long session will give all a platform to debate some of the issues affecting football within British Asian communities, such as under-representation at professional level and the lack of coaches and administrators at amateur level.

Bradford City’s and Pakistan international, Zesh Rehman, will be in attendance to offer opinion as one of only seven British Asian players plying their trade professionally.

Rehman, the first British Asian to play in the Premier League, knows first hand some of the myths around young Asian footballers:

“Popular myths concerning Asian footballers include a belief that they like cricket more than football and that they are not strong enough to compete in the professional game.

“Things such as Asian kids being scared of the weather or having the wrong diet. I don’t know where they come from but the more people hear them, they just jump on the bandwagon and assume they are right. It’s creating another hurdle that just shouldn’t be there."

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