The Launch Of Davidstow LighterDavidstow, the award-winning Cheddar from Dairy Crest is now available in a Lighter variant, delivering the same premium quality and taste as standard Davidstow Cheddar, but with 30% less total fat and saturated fat.

The launch of Davidstow Lighter coincides with the new Food Standard’s Agency campaign that is encouraging consumers to reduce their saturated fat intake.

The product will appeal to consumers who are looking to move towards a healthier lifestyle without wanting to give up their favourite foods.

Suitable for all eating occasions, Davidstow Lighter can be used by consumers in exactly the same way as a standard Cheddar and whilst it contains less fat, it delivers the same rich, Cornish flavour that Davidstow is famous for.

Paul Fraser, Marketing Director at Dairy Crest comments: “There is an increasing shift in consumer attitudes towards healthy eating and it is important that we meet those demands whilst still delivering on the all important factors like quality and taste. The launch of Davidstow Lighter will give consumers a greater choice and offers the ideal solution for both.”

The Davidstow Creamery in Cornwall has been making cheese for over 50 years. For Davidstow Cheddar, it follows a traditional recipe and mainly uses milk produced in Devon and Cornwall.
Davidstow Lighter will be available from February

Posted on 03/03/09
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