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New Sixth form for Muslim Girls
New Sixth form for Muslim GirlsA new sixth form has been introduced that is especially tailored at Islamic girls. The school launched in 2003 and his opened its doors to Islamic schools girls since 2007.

Ofsted inspected the school and are they very pleased with the result.

On their website they state: “Alhamdulillah, with the help of Allah (SWT) support from our students and parents as well as dedication from our staff, we have passed a comprehensive Ofsted inspection, and subsequently, have gained a full-registration status with the DfES”.

“Apart from education, the School also caters for the leisure needs of our students by providing swimming lessons and various sports opportunities”.

The idea behind the schools is to create an environment that Islamic schools girls can nature their academic schools and foster educational capabilities.

Their aim is to teach Arabic as part of its curriculum and give students the opportunity to lean Arabic as a language option.

The school has located itself in an area that is teaming with Muslims. The sixth form intends to be the heart of the Islamic community

“Alhamdulillah, the Academy has established a much needed Islamic Secondary Girls School in East London, where within a 10 square mile radius, approximately over 150,000 Muslims are residing. The cost for this project was estimated at around £2.4 million, much of which was raised through Qardha Hasanah”

Their approach is revolutionising what it is to be Muslim while providing young Islamic girls with a place for them to expand their minds and learn core subject.

They believe that by promoting education and leaning as a higher value they can persuade communities to give bigger and more extensive roles to young women.

Also they are advocating that leaning should be at the heart of the agenda for young Muslims and that women should be provided with a n place that they can expand their thoughts and further their minds.

In the future the school intend to branch out and provide higher education courses.

Eventually they are hoping to collaborate with the University of East London so that in time they can offer degree courses and higher educational training as part of their schools capabilities.

By providing girls with a foundation f for them to lean and a place where they can openly and honestly talk about they issues and debate things without controversy.

The school is the first sixth form of its kind to open and it already has 280 suspends with more applications pending.

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